"How Lab-Grown Materials Are Changing Manufacturing"

Today, Adidas sneakers made from vegan spider silk. Mushroom-based Dell computer packaging. biofabrication - the science of growing raw materials in a lab--is producing everything from furniture to fabric.

Fashioning the Future

by Suzanne Lee

Published by Thames & Hudson


Lavishly illustrated, offers a visionary and creative exploration of the future of fashion and clothing. This guide features ten major themes that embrace various kinds of clothing, from The Spray-On Dress to The Talking T-Shirt. It is suitable for the fashion world, design students and global marketers. The first guide to the 'future wardrobe' and the emergent technologies making it possible. A unique visual journey, an informative research tool and an imaginative, exciting message that the future in fashion, design and lifestyle is here.


  • Living Products Expo  |  Keynote  |  13th September 2017

  • "Biofabricate! The Future of Design Is Biology"  |  STAMPS Speaker Series  |  2015

  • New York Times Luxury Conference  |  2014

  • 2014 WWD Apparel & Retail CEO Summit: Revolution, Evolution  |  2014

  • Wearable Futures Conference  |  Keynote  |  2013

  • TED  |  2011